hello! :)

My name is Sabina Pensek, a food stylist from Slovenia, working on TV commercials and printed media home and abroad for mayor clients and
brand names in the food industry.

I am also a passionate foodie. Food inspires me and I am always on a lookout for new dishes to taste, recipes to try and ingredients to mix and match. Cooking is such a brilliant skill and it has been a sort of indulgence of mine, not only the sensuality of taste but also the visual impact a dish can make. I have also always loved photography as an artistic medium, so it was destined that I would found a great pleasure in combining the very things I loved most and shaping them into my career of a food stylist.

What brings me joy in my line of work is being challenged by constant new projects and adding my own creative flare, visual skills, expertise and passion to them.

I was a guest speaker at the biggest TEDx conference in Slovenia yet. Despite a bit of a stage fright, speaking about my passions was easier than I thought. The link to my speech is available HERE. So you can get to know me a bit more.

sabina penšek tedx conference ljubljana slovenia

I also have a blog called which keeps me busy when I am not busy creating my own recipes, adapting or mix and matching existing ones.